Saturday, 3 June 2017

All You Need To Know About Water Flosser

If you are not regular when it comes to the use of floss, you should know that there are many others like you who struggle to do that. And if you are a forgetful person, it does not mean that flossing the teeth is not important. According to many experts, flossing is as important as the teeth whitening kit. Among many benefits, one of the most important allows you to get rid of the food particles without increasing the space in between your teeth. And if you think that toothbrush is enough to clean the teeth, you may be mistaken because the effectiveness of toothbrush has nothing to do with floss. In simple words, floss does facilitate the action of a toothbrush but it cannot be replaced with another option. However, if you think that dental floss is the only best option for you, think again because water flosser is a new device that can also be used.If you are still unsure, the below-mentioned article can help you to get the required information.

Understanding Water Flosser

Some of the experts call a water flosser a water pick that acts as the irrigator for your oral hygiene. This implies that it a device to clean in form of a stream of water and if it is aimed at the right angle, it can help you to get rid of the food particles and germs around the gum area and teeth. Similarly, the teeth plague can also be removed in order to make cleaning easy for you. It is an electric device that will have to be plugged into an outlet to complete the function and a water reservoir, so you cannot take it away in terms of portability, however, the use is easy and gentle on the teeth.

Reasons for Trying
Many believe that if you are good at maintaining the routine of brushing the teeth, you probably do not need to get the treatment of water flosser. Similarly, most of the dentists are of the view that regular floss is effective for the teeth, especially if it is done on the daily basis. This means that the above-mentioned two categories will not need to water floss. But if you want to make your cleaning foolproof, you can use the water floss as the additional measure. The idea is that if you are neglecting an aspect of your traditional cleaning, the water flosser can ensure the complete hygiene of the mouth. However, if you want to know any specific use of the water flosser, the following step may guide you better.

Gum Bleed
If you think that dental floss makes your gum bleed or that your gum is naturally sensitive, you can go to the dentist to test for the condition called periodontitis. It is mostly a cause of the bacterial infections on the gum. However, if you want an alternative, you can go for the water flosser to ease the pain. Dentist recommends that you get your gum treated as soon as possible, as it could lead to a condition where you may lose a tooth. Moreover, if you have the habit of flossing harshly, it is also a contributing factor, it is, therefore, necessary to gently massage the area around your teeth in order to control the bleeding. This means that you will have to be careful with the use of dental floss, as it could lead to mishaps as well. If you are new to flossing, you can follow the official guidelines to make sure you are using it safely.

Coming back to the water flosser, dentist suggests that if you suffer from a particular gum disease, it is best to go for the water flosser in order to clean the teeth and gums without causing any further damage. Similarly, it is used on the gum with inflammation, as it can reduce the source of infection if it is used in the right manner. However, if your problems of gums reemerge or get worst, you are expected to stop using the regular floss due to the tendency of it to harm the gums.

All those children who have braces to align the teeth can also try water flosser to maintain the oral hygiene because if you do not get rid of the food particles, it will make you uncomfortable and the tendency to develop cavities will also increase. So, you can use the water flosser after every meal and continue doing the normal flossing to make it perfect. Some of the dentists have irrigators which are handled manually and can be used without plugging them in. This means the dentist will be able to perform the function smoothly. Hence, you may not have to go for the electric flosser.

Dry Mouth
It has been observed that there are many types of medications and genetics factors that can disturb your saliva production. This means that your mouth will not be cleaned properly and the chances of plague formulation on your teeth can increase drastically.  Similarly, dry mouth can increase cavities in addition to increasing your discomfort. So, the water flosser can act as the device for providing moisture and removing the layers of plaque from the outer layers of teeth. This does not mean that it will provide you a long-term solution; however, the main cause of bad hygiene can be contained. Furthermore, dry mouth can be treated if you use certain toothpaste and mouthwash to help you with the condition. In addition, you will have to ensure that you drink adequate glasses of water and if the medication is causing the problem, you may have to replace it.

Different Type of Teeth
If you are hard on yourself for not maintaining the goodoral hygiene, you may want to get the teeth checked because some of the people may have the tendency of getting the food particles stuck in the mouth more than others. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the way you eat, as the nature of the teeth is the main source of the problem. For instance, if your teeth are shaped in a way that it has small gaps, it may be hard for you to clean them in the best way. Hence, the dentist will recommend that you get the alignment of the teeth fixed. Likewise, some of the patients may have it in the genetics and as a result, they may have crooked teeth or crowded ones. In order to solve this problem, bridges can be used to make the flossing easy for you. In addition, if you use the water flosser after the dental floss, the chances of accumulated food particles in between your teeth can be reduced.


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